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Cancer therapy will be combination therapy

Immunotherapy (IT) has changed — and will continue to change — cancer treatment. Although only about 25% of patients who receive IT have a response, when patients do respond to treatment, the response is nothing short of amazing. Patients who just 5 years ago had a 10% chance of survival of over 5 years are now 10 years cancer free with no indication of recurrence. I personally know two people... Read More

Study in mice shows metastasis path of breast cancer to lung

Identifying how cancer cells migrate or metastasize throughout the body has been a central question in cancer research. In a paper published in Plos Biology on December 30, 2015 by Dr Gallego-Ortega and colleagues provides one route that cancer cells may take when moving from the breast to the lung. It seems, though, that this particular route happens in a small subset of breast cancers called Luminal A cells. Their... Read More

Gut bacteria can alter responses to cancer immunotherapy

The bacterial content in your gut (or also called the gut microbiome) may influence how you respond to therapy. This is the conclusion of two separate research papers published in the November 27 issue of Science Magazine. What did these papers actually show? Before getting to the data, it must be noted that this work was all done in a mouse model of cancer. The first lab tested if responses... Read More

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