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Can a drug to treat diabetes and a drug to treat hypertension be an effective anti-cancer combination?

Data is preliminary and still being tested in mouse models, but a recent paper in Science Advances details that combining a diabetes drug, metformin, with an anti-hyptertensive, syrosingopine, may work to prevent cancer cell growth. The December publication by Don Benjamin and colleagues shows how these two common drugs may interact. Metformin is a common diabetes drug that has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. (see Evans, Libby, Jiralerspong, DeCensi, and Noto. It is... Read More

Gut bacteria can alter responses to cancer immunotherapy

The bacterial content in your gut (or also called the gut microbiome) may influence how you respond to therapy. This is the conclusion of two separate research papers published in the November 27 issue of Science Magazine. What did these papers actually show? Before getting to the data, it must be noted that this work was all done in a mouse model of cancer. The first lab tested if responses... Read More

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