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Improving access to scientific studies

Image available from wiley-asia blog. https://www.flickr.com/photos/wiley-asia-blog/14056966772/ People want to hear about or have access to the latest scientific research for a variety of reasons. It is interesting. It can improve lives and lifestyles. It can help patients or families decide the best option to take when they or their loved one gets sick. So, how can we improve access to scientific studies? I have always worked for organizations that had... Read More

Science authorship: is increasing numbers of authors making it meaningless?

Big science means many authors on paper, but are adding so many authors on a paper diluting the contribution of those who did the work? Does it make authorship meaningless? I am a big proponent of including those who have done the work onto the author line. I have even been on papers with more than 25 authors. At the very least, everyone should be treated fairly and authorship needs... Read More

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