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Can a drug to treat diabetes and a drug to treat hypertension be an effective anti-cancer combination?

Data is preliminary and still being tested in mouse models, but a recent paper in Science Advances details that combining a diabetes drug, metformin, with an anti-hyptertensive, syrosingopine, may work to prevent cancer cell growth. The December publication by Don Benjamin and colleagues shows how these two common drugs may interact. Metformin is a common diabetes drug that has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. (see Evans, Libby, Jiralerspong, DeCensi, and Noto. It is... Read More

Cancer therapy will be combination therapy

Immunotherapy (IT) has changed — and will continue to change — cancer treatment. Although only about 25% of patients who receive IT have a response, when patients do respond to treatment, the response is nothing short of amazing. Patients who just 5 years ago had a 10% chance of survival of over 5 years are now 10 years cancer free with no indication of recurrence. I personally know two people... Read More

World Cancer Day 2016: collaborative research key for treatment

Today is World Cancer Day (#WorldCancerDay). This year, the focus is that together we can conquer cancer – #WeCanICan. It is the idea that by sharing stories, information, and data, together we can understand more about cancer biology, cancer detection, cancer prevention, and cancer treatment. Everyone has a role to play and by sharing ideas, we can move the field forward. Such an understanding can significantly reduce the pain and... Read More

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