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Tool to categorize breast cancer tumors also work to classify prostate tumors

Clearly the breast and the prostate tissues are not similar organs, but cancers in these tissues are both driven by hormones – estrogen in breast cancer and androgens in prostate cancer. New research by Shuang Zhao and colleagues in the lab of Dr. Felix Feng at the University of Michigan and University of California, San Francisco shows that at the gene level, like breast cancer, prostate tumors can be subdivided into... Read More

Precision medicine has a broad definition

What is precision medicine? How do you define an individual approach to treatment and health care? When asked for the first thing that leaps to mind when you think “precision” or “personalized” medicine, most answer that it is using genes to determine how to treat a disease. Is this true? Is precision medicine limited to just genes? What is meant by genes? Gene mutations – changes in the gene sequence... Read More

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